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Private lessons 1:00 to 10:00 pm Private lessons 1:00 to 10:00 pm Private lessons 1:00 to 10:00 pm Private lessons 1:00 to 10:00 pm Private lessons 1:00 to 10:00 pm Ballet for kids @ 2:30 pm
Oriental @ 7:00 pm Break dance @ 7:00 pm Oriental @ 7 :00 pm Argentin Tango @ 7:45 pm Kids class @ 5:30 pm Armenian Folk @ 3:15 pm
Salsa @ 7:45 pm Ballroom mix @ 7:45 pm Bachata @ 7:45 pm DSP performance @ 8:30 pm Zumba Kids @ 7:00 pm Physical education @ 4:00 pm
DSP performance @ 8:30 pm Ladies Style @ 8:30 pm DSP simulation @ 8:30 pm

Registration Fees:

      Prices per month


           $35 (53 000 L.L): once a week.            

           $55 (83 000 L.L): twice a week.

           $75 (113 000 L.L): three times a week.

           $10 (15 000 L.L) Try one class   

           $45 (68 000 L.L) Physical education 



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Lebanon – Jdeideh Highway

Sin el Fil highway (Bauchrieh), Queen’s Plaza center, Block D, 1st floor
Phone: +961 1 25 25 25
Mobile: +961 3 668 658

Opening Hours:
Mond-Frid: 1:00pm till 10:00pm
Sat: 12:00pm till 5:00pm


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Nameless dance academy was established back in 1994 by Mr. Pierre Dib. However, since 1981 he has been teaching teachers, trainers, & members and judging international competitions while also organizing world dance competitions on a national & international level. And since then he’s been helping studios to grow (in Lebanon, Canada & Europe).


Nameless Dance Academy  provides American, International, and DanceSport dance training.


Dance types we teach:
– Ballroom and Latin
– Salsa
– Tango Argentine
– Hip hop
– Break dance
– Oriental
– Dabke
– Ballet
– Flamenco
… and more!

We also teach FIRST DANCE for Weddings , provide DANCE SHOWS for any occasion!!!



History of Pierre Dib and Nameless Dance Academy

  • 1978 started dancing in Canada


  • Back to Lebanon in 1987 after accomplishing Canadian championship and being recognized as best manager / teacher for many years in Canada.


  • 1988: Worked in different clubs in Lebanon and appeared on many TV stations and programs like LBC, MTV, NEW TV…….


  • Choreographed and performed with Danny Bustros in1989, all her Latin dance shows in her first years


  • Due to the war situation in Lebanon left the country and came back in 1992 then realized that clubs and teaching at different locations, does not improve dancing in Lebanon artistically and in the administrative part in the dance industry


  • By the end of 1993, kept working with Danny Bustros and brain storming for an academy in Lebanon


  • On Valentine’s day, February 14 1994, Nameless Dance Academy had its opening with all singers, actors and media and included one  hour of dancing  from  the  academy  team with all  the artists (approximately 800 guest)


  • 1995-1996: Worked with the ministry of education to put together a certified dance curriculum for students and teachers in Lebanon. Nameless dance academy was the first academy to be recognized and permitted to certify others


  • In the beginning of 1996, due to too many responsibilities in Lebanon, Arab world and internationally, had to stop with Danny Bustros.


  • 1996-1998: Local and regional dance competitions and trained many teachers and judges and travelled to nearby countries to help establish dance academies. Plus trained 95% of all beauty contests like Miss Immigrant etc…


  • Did a TV program on Future TV for the first time for a whole year that aired every weekend of 15 minutes long teaching basics of all dances.


  • 1998: Traveled to many coworkers and connections in Europe to learn more about the immerging world of dancing into the Olympics and to understand how to get involved in it.


  • 1999: Got the license for IDSF (International DanceSport Federation) and Lebanese Olympic recognition for Nameless Dance Academy.


  • 2000: Established the Lebanese DanceSport federation and was the first president of the federation till 2003.
  • 2000: Organized World International Championship for Latin and Standard dancing at the “Cite sportive” which welcomed 24 international dancers and 7 international judges and had over 5000 spectators


  • 2001-2003: The Lebanese DanceSport Federation had a great recognition  with many couple dancing and competing


  • 2004-2005: Established I.D.O (International Dance Organization) in Lebanon, and did a great opening at the city sportive in Lebanon, for couple dance, street dance, and performing arts


  • 2006 till 2009:  Left  to Canada and partnered with a  dance  academy  in Toronto  due to  the  situation  in  Meanwhile, Nameless dance academy was still opened in Lebanon and managed by Habib Atallah


  • 2010: Started a new  yet  old  idea of traveling  pro-am  dance  competitions all  over  the  world  and  traveled  with  dancers  and  trainers  from  Lebanon to New York, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Lithuania, and  many  more…


  • 2010-2011: Local and regional dance competitions and trained many teachers and judges and travelled to nearby countries to help establish dance academies.


  • 2012: Established LDC (Lebanese Dance Council) licensed by the ministry of Lebanon and WDC (World Dance Council). WDC (professional) is unlike IDSF (amateur).


  • President of  LDC  since  2012  and training  more  teachers, and certifying  students  and  teachers


  • After establishing LDC, organized a world Pro-am international dance competition in Grand Hills Broumana. Due to the bombing in Lebanon the competition turned to a national competition


  • 2013: Traveling for PRO-AM competitions worldwide, coaching & judging
  • 2014: Traveling for PRO-AM competitions worldwide, coaching & judging


  • 2015: Back to the Lebanese DanceSport Federation with 25  DanceSport couples & 2 Acrobatical Rock & Roll couples




2017 Events

28 - Jan

Delayed Graduation day

26 - Feb

1st LDSF competition

17 - Mar

Cheese & wine + Show Cae

30 - Apr

2nd LDSF competition

19 - May

Pub night at Native

25 - Jun

3rd LDSF competition

30 - Jul

Beach / Pool Party

27 - Aug


17 - Sep

4th LDSF competition

29 - Oct

LDSF championship

26 - Nov

LDSF cup

22- Dec

Christmas potluck party


Pierre Dib

Owner & Coach

Laurice Deeb


Harout Balian

Social, American Style & Tango Argentin instructor

Jean-Pierre Dib

World competitor & coach

Ralph Kabalan

Break Dance instructor

Rachelle Mourad

Ballet instructor

Mario Tawk

American style instructor

Nadia Dib

Manager & American style instructor

Vanessa Abi Aad

Oriental, American style & DanceSport instructor

Antony Bitar

Physical Education & Hip Hop instructor

Rosa Azriyeh

Zumba kids instructor

Wassim Darwich

Salsa & Bachata instructor

Sussannah Nasr

Social & American style instructor



  • DanceSport

  • Picnic 2015


  • Valentine Night 2016

  • Vilnius Dance Competition 2014

  • Showcase night 2015

  • International PRO AM